Winter is starting, and it is going to be a hard winter ahead, with much uncertainty. But as tough, Midwestern Lutherans, we know how to handle tough winters. We also know that when life is at its most difficult, we as the church have an opportunity to be at our best. That’s why this year, Vinje’s stewardship team is inviting everyone at Vinje to “Be a Good Neighbor.”
If you haven’t already, you should be receiving a letter and a pledge card in the mail, encouraging you to commit not only financially to Vinje’s ministry, but also to giving of your time and talents out in the world as we love all those around us. Maybe your pledge will be to help an elderly neighbor shovel their driveway. Maybe your pledge will be to write encouraging notes to friends, or to call other Vinje members who need someone to talk to. Whatever you decide, just imagine as we share in this commitment together, how all these actions can add up to do so much good in the world.
We encourage you to send back your pledge card by Sunday, November 22, or fill out our online form here. That way we can make plans for this next year and we can hear what good work we will be doing together for each other and all our neighbors this year. Thank you for being a good neighbor with all of us!

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