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There are many milestones in our lives that we celebrate with God and with others. No matter what stage of life we are in God is involved with our every moment but we also believe that God shows up in special ways for the big events.

Baptism is a sacrament for Lutherans. That means that Jesus promised that God would show up in a major way through something remarkably ordinary (WATER). In baptism we hear God’s promise to love us, forgive us, care for us, and journey with us forever. Parents and sponsors also make some promises to the person being baptized if they are a child. And since the congregation has some promises to make as well the service of baptism takes place during a regular worship service on Sundays or Wednesdays. 

If you or your child would like to be baptized please contact one of the Pastors at the church office, 320-235-1441.

We also ask that you fill out our Baptismal Information Form

Weddings celebrate the lifelong promises of two individuals pledging their love and faithfulness to each other. We gather in worship to ask God’s blessing upon this union and to remember the whole world is in need of love. 

If you are thinking about getting married at Vinje Lutheran Church:

  • Step 1: Contact Us! We want to know when you would like to be married so we can schedule your wedding. View our Church Calendar for open dates.
  • Step 2: Contact Pastor Justin to check availability. This will also give you a chance to ask ANY questions you many have!
  • Step 3: Please Read our Wedding Handbook to familiarize yourself with our policies and fees. (note that not all of our policies are written in stone but serve as guidelines from our past experiences)

Our Space

Vinje's Sanctuary is a unique round design that can accommodate more than 500 people. We are able to configure the space for both small and large gatherings.

For smaller, more "intimate" weddings, many couples have chosen to use one of our outdoor courtyard spaces. Our courtyard spaces have also been used heavily for wedding photos.

Our Wedding Philosophy

Weddings are a worship service. God's mercy, love, and grace grounds us in our life together. We want every couple to experience these aspects of God in such real and tangible ways that couples can be forgiving and merciful to each other. At Vinje we want to get to know you as you begin to prepare for your new life together.

Funerals or memorial services celebrate the life of one of God’s children, allow us to grieve their death, and proclaim the resurrection. We worship and give thanks for the life that we have shared with the deceased but we give thanks that God promises that death is not the end and that because Christ lives so too will all of God’s children. 

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