As we are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we are being baptized into a story, into a particular way of seeing the world, of seeing God, and of seeing each other. This story is grounded in God's love, grace, and mercy for the world.

As we are baptized into God's story of grace we are claimed as a "child of God." This name helps to shape our identity, our mission, and our purpose. In a world where many organizations seek to claim individuals as their own we believe that it is God's story that has the power to transform and give "LIFE" to the world.

If you or your child would like to be baptized please contact one of the Pastors at the church office, 320-235-1441. Also, we ask that you fill out our Baptismal Information Form.

Each Vinje newborn is enrolled in the Splash! Program. This program provides families with monthly newsletters full of lively, engaging ways to enjoy Bible stories, prayer, worship, and devotion times with their young children. Also provided are seveal music CDs featuring favorite songs and hymns. 

Sunday School is offered every Sunday for Grades Pre K – Fifth grade. Three and four year olds meet in Room 102. Kindergartners through fifth graders meet in the choir room.

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