We are glad you’ve found Vinje online! There is plenty to check out on our website, you can even experience our worship services by streaming live or replaying past services. However, you are most certainly welcome to check out the brick and mortar version of Vinje.

Join us as we figure out what it means to be followers of Jesus together in a community that needs God, love, forgiveness, purpose, and each other.

What is a Vinje?

Probably not a word that you are familiar with if you are new to our congregation.

Vinje is a Norwegian word that means prairie. As immigrants from Norway came to the Willmar area and started our church so many years ago they were clearly inspired by God’s creation of the beautiful land here in west-central Minnesota.

What is a Lutheran?

First of all, we are part of a much larger church, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It is the largest Lutheran Church in America, consisting of over 4 milllion members. And guess what, they have a website for you to check out, ELCA

The Lutheran Church has been around since Martin Luther’s reformation over 500 years ago. We are a church that relies on God’s grace to guide our faith. We trust in God’s promise that we are loved and forgiven people. Grace (aka God’s unconditional and unearned forgiveness) is a pretty big deal for us. And in response to this good news we look for ways to love and serve God, each other, and all God’s people (we do mean all). Because of who Jesus is and what he has done we live our lives in freedom, worship, and service.

What is a Bible?

We love the Bible. Our worship services are centered around scripture. It is found in our liturgy, music, sermons, and our daily living. We love it so much we study it regularly and welcome you to join us in our congregational studies.

We believe the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit who guided not only it’s original authors but also us every time we read it. The Bible tells God’s story and the story of God’s people. It is an story that is not yet finished as God continues to work among us. We live our lives somewhere in between the Acts of the Apostles and Revelation and we know that God’s story is our story.

What to learn more about the Bible or find it difficult to understand sometimes? Here is a great online resource for you, Enter the Bible.

What does "all are welcome" mean?

All means all! And at Vinje all are welcome. Everyone is God’s child and love and valued for who God has created them to be.

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