I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that Christmas Eve this year will be different this year. Thanks, 2020. But we are hoping to gather in the parking lot for a short worship service on Christmas Eve complete with your favorite Christmas carols and to hear how God was being born among us. As we prepare for Christmas Eve, it will be very helpful for us to know how many people to expect at our in person services! (We will most certainly be providing you with an online worship service option as well!) No matter what you tell us there will be space for you to make a last-minute change. Unlike the original Christmas, there will be room in the inn for you to show up without an RSVP. However, please take a moment to RSVP FOR ONE OF OUR IN-PERSON PARKING LOT SERVICES (preferably by December 18th) so we can make the best plans for Christmas Eve at Vinje this year. 

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