Vinje Columbarium Breaking Ground This Summer!

After years of discussion and work, the Vinje Columbarium will soon become a reality. The Council and Executive Committee have approved the project and established costs and policies. It is hoped that the columbarium will be completed this construction season.

A columbarium is an above ground receptacle for cremated remains. The Vinje Columbarium will be placed near the south entrance to the sanctuary on 13th Avenue. A design has been approved and the graphic shows the columbarium size and design of the concrete work surrounding this space. There are 64 niches (the space where urns are placed) in the columbarium which will allow spaces for up to 128 inurnments; each niche can hold up to two urns. 

Policies have been established and approved for the administration of the columbarium. Standards established include details such as eligibility for purchase and inurnment, urn size requirements, faceplate inscription details, and maintenance of the area surrounding the columbarium during and following the inurnment service.

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